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Just products are now available in ChienMarin HealthFarm


JUST products derive from the inexhaustible plant world of the Swiss Alps.  We prioritize natural plat substances from controlled cultivation sources in Switzerland, making sure the the production comprise with Environmental requirements, harvesting the active ingredients with efficiency.  The JUST products are processed in a state-of-the art facility in Switzerland, to guarantee the highest quality standards. Packaging is informative and sealed.


Wellness & Beauty

The JUST wellness products include «Essential Oils and Fragrances» as well as «Herbal Creams» to optimize freshness, relaxation and well-being.

The JUST Beauty products focus on skin-care and nourishing creams for radiance and an energized look. 

Just beauty-care.jpeg

Home & Personal Care

The JUST Homecare products include car and home diffusers and household products.  The JUST Personal Care products focus on a Holistic full body wellness and bath gels and essences for «that lovely feeling»

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